Custom Christmas Jumpers that are Bespoke

July 12, 2019

How to design a custom christmas jumper that is bespoke

Designing a bespoke christmas jumper should be done in certain steps:

1. Decide what you are using your Custom Christmas Jumper for

If the bespoke christmas jumper is a company holiday jumper, then it is important to decide what you want to incorporate . As the christmas jumpers are custom and bespoke, you should use this to your advantage and really have some of the company elements in the design. If it is a holiday jumper (and not for a specific launch of a new product or event) , then you may want to include the logo , brand colours and either a company element or company message. If the christmas jumper is for an event or a product launch, then incorporate the event or product launch into the design . The christmas jumpers are items that people like to keep so make it memorable.

2. Doing the actual design.

This is where it gets tricky as you may be used to specific requirements and dielines but when it comes to bespoke christmas jumper designs, that will depend on different factors and those factors are carried out in the knitting pattern phase. Therefore the only thing you should focus on is how you want your overall jumper to look. Use any sort of jumper template to achieve this or contact us and we can give you a jumper template to get started. Knitting can achieve amazing detail but if a design is tiny and intricate, it may need to be increased slightly to make it look better when knitted.

3. Keeping the client/customer in mind.

Whether you are selling your bespoke christmas jumpers or giving them as thank you or promotional or marketing gifts, it is important to keep the client/customer in mind. You certainly won't want to offend anyone so think about that at the design stage. A christmas jumper should be super fun, not offensive.

4. Designing the Bespoke Christmas Jumper

The easiest thing to do when designing a christmas jumper, is to decide what style you like. Most christmas jumpers are crew necks and that allows for plenty of space on the jumper for the designs. If you want to go really "ugly" and festive, the more colours and elements on the design the better. Or maybe you want something a little more reserved like a fair isle jumper. Whatever the preference, think before starting the design about the styles you like . That will make it easier. Lots of people love the repeated pattern designs as they are super fun and there are so many different aspects of the jumper that can be discussed. It is also important to remember that the design is for a knitted christmas jumper, not a printed one. There is a clear difference here and it makes a difference in the design stage. A printed jumper involves your design printed on the jumper  and can be printed in certain places on the jumper and that jumper has already been premade. Knitted christmas jumpers are not premade , they are fully custom and bespoke. Due to that the design can go absolutely anywhere on the jumper and any colour can be selected. So even if you want one colour for the front, a different colour on the back and have the sleeves as different colours, that's no problem! You can also opt for any colour for the collars, cuffs and hem.


Ready to get started? Contact us here and we can help with a design or answer any design questions you have.