Custom Made Knit Jumpers

July 19, 2019

Custom Made Knit Jumpers

Custom made knit jumpers are jumpers that have been custom made and are knitted. As the design is knitted in to the jumper, the actual jumper is made at the same time as the design. A good way to tell if your jumper is custom and knitted is to turn it inside out-you will see the design has actually been knitted at the same time as the jumper. We have seen companies make the jumper first and add the design later. This is not a good approach as it cheapens the quality of the jumper 

If they have been knitted, does that mean the design won't look as good as a printed sweatshirt?

If asking that question, you must have never seen a knitted jumper beside a printed sweatshirt before! There is absolutely no comparison. The knitted jumpers win every time. Obviously with print, the design will be printed exactly the same on to the sweatshirt so you have that exact replica that you can rely on. With knitting, the design is knitted in so it is not just placed on the jumper exactly as the design is but the knitting machines are so advanced now and accurate that the level of detail that knitting achieves is outstanding. Here is an example below of a design and the finished knitted product. 


Are you restricted by colours with the custom knitted jumpers?

No, you can opt for any color at all you like. The easiest thing to do is match to a pantone colour. The max number of colours for the knitted jumpers is 6 colours.

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