Custom Ugly Christmas Jumper

August 16, 2019

Custom Ugly Christmas Jumper

Is August too late to order a custom ugly christmas jumper?

We get many queries in relation to custom ugly christmas jumpers. Many people ask if it's too early to order and others ask if it is too late. A lot of people don't even want to think about christmas until after Halloween and then fear that there is not enough time to get a sweater made for the Holidays.

So when is the perfect time to order?

There is no perfect time, it depends on what the jumpers are for and the date they are needed. We are lucky enough here at Roody Originals to have perfected the manufacturing process so that we can have the sweaters made in a super fast time. So even if you are ordering late November, that's no problem!

There are certain factors to consider when deciding when to order a custom ugly christmas jumper. These Include:

Your In Hands Date

What is the date you need to have the custom ugly christmas jumper in your hands? You may be using them to give as corporate gifts, to give them to your audience and fans, to use them for social media or a promotion or to sell them as limited edition Holiday ugly jumpers and it will be that which determines when you need them. If planning on selling the custom ugly christmas jumpers, then it is advisable to have them in hands by early October. If giving them as gifts etc, then late November probably works best unless you have somewhere to store them until you need them.

Sample Stage

Knitting is so advanced now that your custom ugly christmas jumper will look like your design. It will be the knitted version of your design. That being said, it is still vital that a sample is made before bulk production. As the sample will look like the design, it is important to ensure you have the design that you want to go ahead with. Otherwise there will be wasted time making new and different samples and an extra cost involved. So the best thing to do before a sample is ordered is to ensure you have the exact and correct design finalised. 

3D custom ugly christmas jumpers

3D custom ugly christmas jumpers were super popular probably 2-3 years ago so really it is not a frequent request now for them to be made. However on occasion sometimes people like to add something additional like a pocket. If opting for 3D custom ugly christmas sweaters, it is important to add on a little extra time as quite often the 3D aspect, depending on what it is, is made by hand. 

So, if you're planning on ordering some custom ugly christmas jumpers, please just contact us here or if you if have any questions let us know!