About Us

Roody Originals design, create and deliver amazing custom branded christmas jumpers around the world.

Our story

We started designing and making custom christmas jumpers way back in 2009.

We had been creating amazing christmas jumpers which were hugely popular.  A couple of big brands saw our designs and asked if we could help them create something special for seasonal campaigns and christmas promotions. We helped create completely original and totally unique custom jumpers. The impact was phenomenal. They ordered again. And again.

We setup Roody Originals to help brands create something different.  Something that engages fans and influencers.  Something that creates a buzz.

Hoodies, sweatshirts and t-shirts are fine.  That's not what we do.  We've never been excited about any of these.  We're unlikely to try it on, take a picture and share it.  We're unlikely to connect with it.  

Knitted jumpers are different.  They create an impact.  Fans and influencers remember them. Love them.  Share them.  The quality of the product is important.  They're difficult to make so Minimum Order Quantities tend to be high (ours is just 100).  

We've worked with lots and lots of huge (and smaller) brands creating thousands and thousands of jumpers each year.  

Custom branded jumpers is what we do.  It's all we do.  

Our Ethos

  • An amazing product, always - we don't mess around on this
  • No ridiculous Minimum Order Quantities (just 100)
  • Unbelievable Value vs Impact (prices)
  • Great customer service (we respond to all mails and deliver on time)

About our Custom Knitted Jumpers

  • We create great custom jumpers in super soft acrylic premium blend with reinforced seams. This is the material that will make your design look super!
  • Your jumper is associated with your brand – we take this incredibly seriously
  • If you need help and are not sure about your design-ask us. We've a great team here and can help out with some ideas!
  • We have strong quality control checks at every point along the way and check with you if we’re not sure about something
  • Over the years we’ve created tens of thousands of jumpers and we’ve received every kind of ask – we’d be delighted to help in any way we can.
  • For a brochure and pricing, just e-mail us at info@roodyoriginals.com or Get In Touch