Creating your own custom christmas jumper is easier than you think.

1.  Get in Touch - email us and tell us a little about what you'd like. If you have a design send it through and we'd be happy to take a look. We have templates for your design if you need one-your design can be front, back and sleeves or front only-whatever you prefer!

2. When you've chosen a design, next step is to pick colours. You should use 6 colours max in your design for your custom christmas jumper. Sizes can be mixed so let us know what sizes you need.

3. Confirm Order. 

4. We create your sample jumper. These custom jumpers are knitted so the jumpers are created exclusively for you directly from yarn so it's important to do a sample first before the bulk production begins. We'll show you when it's ready.

5. Sit back and wait for delivery. There are no hidden charges. You'll know full costs before confirming your order.

Don't forget to share your brilliant new product!