The Project
• Nickelodeon was looking for a fun way to thank media for support during the year 
• The Nick team really wanted a brilliant Spongebob Christmas Jumper
• They created a brilliant and very detailed character design that needed to be included in the Christmas Sweater
• While another company had committed to do the sweater, there many issues and they had been unable to complete it.  Nickelodeon asked us to help make Spongebob a sweater

The Sweater
• The Spongebob design was lots of fun and incredibly detailed
• Our team worked hard in a short timeline to create an amazing sweater incorporating the brilliant SpongeBob design

The campaign
• Nickelodeon distributed the sweater to their presenters and influencers the team had worked with during the year

The results
• The reaction was brilliant – everyone loved the jumper
• There was a huge level of engagement throughout the social media channels and SpongeBob got lots of love